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We're Here as Your Professional Dating Coach

I offer men expert dating coaching based on my psychology background to enhance their dating lives

Deniz Ziya

Visionary Founder

The Benefits

We will be your personal dating coach

Members Club

Experience elite dating within our Maskülen Members Club

In the Maskülen Members Club, our Face-to-Face Dating Coaching guarantees that within just three months, you’ll not only begin attracting beautiful, higher quality women into your life, but you’ll also have access to the tools and guidance necessary to unlock your natural masculinity and reshape your mindset.

Experience elite dating within our Maskülen Members Club

Do you find yourself getting friendzoned?

Do you feel frustrated when you miss chances to approach beautiful women after making eye contact on the street

Have women ghosted you in the past?

Are you unhappy with the women you’re attracting on dating apps?

Have you struggled to keep a relationship in the past?

Do you want to ethically dating multiple women but unsure about how to go about it?

Deniz works magic! With his coaching, my dating life took off. The Maskülen Members club is like a secret weapon. Totally recommend it!

Aaron Patel

Deniz excels at engaging and motivating clients, showcasing a true talent for connecting with individuals, whether in-person or online.

Rebecca Milsom

At first, I wasn’t sure about the price, but now I’d happily pay double for how Deniz has completely turned around my dating life.

Jonny K

Those blind mock dates Deniz set up? Total game-changers. I got to work on my body language, my voice, and charisma – all while getting some super useful feedback!

Ollie Harris

I’ve known Deniz for over 10 years, and he’s an invaluable resource to everyone around him.

Nosheen Hamid

Join the Club

Secure your spot in the Maskülen Members Club

Reserve your place in our exclusive Face-to-Face Dating Coaching Members Club

Our exclusive members club provides a comprehensive face-to-face coaching programme, meticulously divided into six distinct areas. This structured approach ensures that our members receive focused guidance and unwavering support throughout the year.

With a limited number of intakes per year, our exclusivity allows us to deliver the highest quality coaching experience to each member, fostering a close-knit community of like-minded individuals dedicated to achieving dating success.

Unleash the extraordinary potential within you by becoming a valued member of our exclusive members club, where you can access our exceptional face-to-face coaching package exclusively designed for single men. Immerse yourself in the transformative realm of our Maskulen Essence Journey, a unique experience curated by our team of esteemed dating experts who will personally visit you in your preferred city once a week. Embrace the power of personalised coaching sessions that will revolutionize your dating life.

With a one-time payment, you can enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive coaching programme without worrying about additional costs. Once you’ve made the payment, you will secure your spot on the waiting list for September 2023. Please note that spaces in our esteemed members club are limited this year. Rest assured, an email will be sent to you promptly after payment, containing all the relevant information you need. As a bonus, you will receive a complimentary copy of our exclusive e-book.

Experience the true potential of your dating journey with our face-to-face coaching package, featuring the freedom to cancel anytime after the first month of payment. Our coaching services are available on a monthly recurring basis, ensuring you have the flexibility to adjust your subscription as needed. We prioritise your dating success and are highly confident in the substantial value our personalised guidance brings.


The Next Steps

Free Consultation

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Your Queries Answered

Our coaching focuses on both inner and outer development. By enhancing your confidence, communication skills, and masculinity, you’ll naturally attract women who are attracted to genuine, confident individuals.

Additionally, our programme includes mock dates and charm and seduction workshops that play a crucial role in helping you captivate higher calibre women, aligning with the qualities you desire in a partner.

You can expect sincere and transparent face-to-face guidance led by your dedicated dating coach.

Your coach will guide you through the programme, with the first month focusing on the fundamental building blocks of masculinity, while also incorporating personalised touches into your sessions. As a valued member of our exclusive members’ club, the limited intake ensures that your coach can dedicate their energy primarily to you, rather than being stretched across numerous clients.

Each coaching session spans two hours and includes engaging activities tailored to your needs. Our coaches prioritise quality over time, ensuring that all your concerns and questions are thoroughly addressed within the session.

How much would you pay for your ideal dating life? Our pricing at £1499 per month is a reflection of the immense value and dedication we bring to your transformative journey. Here’s why our investment makes a difference:


  1. Expert Coaches: Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced dating coaches devoted to your success, providing top-notch guidance throughout your coaching journey.


  2. Limited Availability: To ensure unparalleled attention and quality service, we accept only 3 clients every quarter into the exclusive Members Club.


  3. Personalisation: Each coaching session is tailored to your unique needs and goals, delivering personalised strategies and insights for optimal progress.


  4. In-Person Sessions: With four weekly face-to-face coaching sessions lasting two hours, we prioritise quality time to thoroughly address your concerns.


  5. Holistic Masculine Development: Our coaching encompasses dating advice, personal development, and masculinity enhancement, ensuring a holistic transformation.


  6. Long-Term Impact: We recommend a minimum three-month commitment to experience significant progress and sustainable results in your dating life.


  7. Exclusive Members Club: As part of the lucrative Members Club, you’ll join a supportive community, enabling you to track your progress alongside other members.

Upon subscribing to the members club on our website, you’ll receive a welcome email with a Typeform to fill out. You will then be invited to a 15-minute Google Meet welcome video call with one of our dating coaches to discuss your goals.

After the call, we’ll provide you with a link to book your first face-to-face dating coaching session. For optimal results, we recommend engaging in our coaching program for a minimum of three months.

You will receive four in-person coaching sessions every month for a duration of three months, conducted by our skilled dating coaches. These sessions will be customised to cater to your individual requirements and aspirations.